Sustainable Diving in Seychelles

Sustainable Diving in Seychelles

The most fascinating about Seychelles waters is not only its outstanding marine biodiversity but also the presence of a number of marine species internationally classified as threatened with extinction.

Admiring them in their wild universe alongside other beautiful species, even at at short distance from the shore, is nothing else than a privilege. A breath giving one. It is with this acute awareness and the duty to share that we take you on board.

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The Seychelles islands are a paradise for scuba divers, in fact, it is possible to dive all year round.

The ideal months are March / April and October / November when the water temperature is perfect and visibility is good.

These islands are a beautiful scenery for sea lovers, they offer impressive granite cliffs, rocks carved by the sea covered with coral and sponges, and the marine fauna is also alive and abundant thanks to the strict environmental protection measures in which we are very active.

The marine flora and fauna of the neighboring islands reveal an abundance of fish also on the cliffs near the coast: butterfly fish, angel fish, emperors, soldier fish, squirrel fish, glass fish and parrot fish are just some of the species that can be admired in seabed. Among the most incredible species are the whale sharks that go around the islands from June to December, particularly September and October.