Kids Diving

Kids Diving

We offer dive courses and snorkelling trips for children

Courses for Kids

Courses for kids from age 8 yo


CMAS training course as from 8 years old with Certification Bronze Diver * – Silver Diver **  – Golden Diver ***


Diving PADI & CMAS as a sport. Awaken all your senses underwater. Take up challenges, become emancipated by understanding the different underwater species.


Mask and snorkel trips in the northeastern part of the Island of Mahé, Seychelles.

We have equipment adapted to the size and morphology of the young divers .We accept children for a Discover  or adapted training from the age of 8 years old. : BAPTEME : 8-10 years old, 2 m maximum. 10-14 years old, 3 m maximum. Only one child per baptism.

  • BRONZE DIVER: 8-14 years old (6 m max)  Evolution by group of 2 children maximum.
  • SILVER DIVER: 8-14 years old (6 m max) Evolution by group of maximum 3 divers: two children plus one Level 1 diver or one child plus two Level 1 divers.
  • GOLD DIVER: 10-12 years old (10 m max) 12-14 years old (20 m max).Group of maximum three divers: two children plus one Level 1 diver or once child plus two Level 1 divers.
  • LEVEL 1 DIVER on derogation (please consult us): 12-14 years old, 20m on instructor’s appreciation. Evolution by group of four divers maximum.