Flora & Fauna in Seychelles

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The Seychelles offers a wide range of marine life. Corals are real treasures for this island state, which are of colossal importance not only for tourism, but also for another important reason : Biodiversity Life.

World of Seychelles


Whether it is during a sea walk or a scuba dive, the Seychelles offer a rich biodiversity.

The islands and reefs are rich in corals and attract small and large creatures. A life-size aquarium Diving deserves to be more popular in this archipelago which is indeed one of the most beautiful aquariums in the world. All the species of tropical fish live in peace and without shyness in these clear waters, each island bathing in a vast natural aquarium whose walls are constituted by the coral barrier.

It is a world of colors where, on a background of corals, sponges and shells, one sometimes makes funny meetings. You can observe the razor fish, which moves vertically; the butterfly fish, with its long nose, and the sergeant major, with its aerodynamic profile.

The multicolored picasso fish and the imperial angel shark with its yellow, blue, black and green stripes are fascinating. The most amazing fish is undoubtedly the soul fam cobbler, in other words in a state of intoxication, a very specific algae actually intoxicating this fish when it eats it. There is no danger in the Seychelles underwater. The few fish that should not be touched are the scorpion fish and the stone fish.

The latter, although rare, do not represent any risk if the diver is satisfied with observing them. Grey reef sharks,  White-tip sharks, Black-tip sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Napoleon Labres,  Green and hawksbill turtles, Swordfish,  Marlin, Swordfish sailboat,  Barracudas,  Giant Meru,  Flying scorpion fish,  Stone Fish, Scorpio Fish, Endemic nemo, Manta rays,  Dugongs,  Stingray stingray, Whale sharks