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Free Diving – Apnea

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Free-diving is not just a recreational sport, is a unique relaxing and liberating experience.
As a snorkeler you might have already performed a breath-hold diving but with a proper training to free-diving and supervision you will experience the freedom in an underwater environment makes it a personal and spiritual journey.

Like other water sports, free-diving has beneficial and therapeutic properties.
Yoga is used by many practitioners in order to increase focus, breath control and overall performance.

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Without proper training and supervision, free-diving can be extremely dangerous.
This is why CMAS created free-diving training programs and courses based on the experience of certified CMAS instructors. The aim of these programs is to maximise the safety and the comfort of the participants.

A free-diver who is competent in the safe and correct use of all free-diving equipment in a sheltered water training area and is ready to gain open water diving experience in the company of an experienced free-diver.
A free-diver, who has gained open water experience and is considered ready to take part in dives partnered by a free-diver of at least the same or higher grade.
A fully trained, experienced and responsible free-diver, who is considered competent to lead other free-divers of any grade in open water. He will be competent to be assistant to an Apnea Instructor in order to achieve major tasks or course objectives.

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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world today practice apnea to clear their heads and relax. Stop breathing to recharge your batteries.